Slender GR- Targeted Enzymes for Healthy Weight Loss

Targeted Enzymes for Healthy Weight Loss

The obstacles to maintaining a strict regimen associated with the typical weight loss program are many: navigate healthy food choices, participate in regular physical activity, reduce stress, maintain regular sleep patters, the list goes on>  Slender GR was developed as part of a healthy yet forgiving eating lifestyle.  Slender GR’s triple action formula provides unique metabolic and digestive support for the “less than perfect” lifestyle.

Slender GR  includes a proprietary enzyme blend called Glucoreductase, which has been shown to optimize sugar metabolism and help maintain normal blood sugar levels.  Slender GR also includes a lipase Thera-blend to improve the proper metabolism of fat.  A deficiency in the natural production of lipase may adversely affect the digestive system’s ability to properly digest fat, impacting lipic metabolism and ultimately body fat levels.

Encourages a lower glycemic index

With carb-friendly ingredients, Slender GR  supports healthy metabolism of carbohydrate rich foods to maintain normal blood sugar levels and encourage weight loss.  The enzyme blend Glucoreductase converts sugars from starch digestion to form soluble fiber.  This conversion of carbohydrates decreases the blycemic index of the foods consumed and promotes healthy digestion.

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  1. Ambreen says

    Please let know approx how much I can loos waight with 1 bottle use of slender Gr as somebody has recommend me for use. I know its difficult to say accurate result but if I can know approx it will help me use it. Thanks..

    • Gary Kracoff says

      Hello Amber,
      It is almost impossible to say. The more overweight one is, the larger the initial drop. Also depending on exercise, diet habits this all needs to be taken into account.

      Many people have lost 5-10 lbs per month. Some more some less.

      If you have 5-10 lbs to loose, and eat well and exercise, you should be able to loose a good part of it the first month.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Dareen Sibai says

    Can I take Slender Gr while breastfeeding? Is it safe for both the baby abd me? Please note that I’m exclusively breastfeeding right now. Thx

    • Gary Kracoff says

      I would suggest not taking it until you are done breast feeding. Even if there are no adverse reports, it is always a good idea when pregnant or breast feeding to be overly careful. Congrats!

  3. Diane Gaskill says

    I was wondering if you had a natural appetite suppressant. I have been dealing with depression & have put on 40-50 pds which in turn does not help the depression. The doc wrote a prescription for topirmax and I am not so sure about that. My PCP did not think it was a good idea either. Also I am not a big fan of taking meds. All though I am taking welburtin.
    Thank you for your time…

    • Gary Kracoff says

      There are many supplements that can be effective for weight loss. With depression, it is a bit more tricky. You should co-ordinate adding supplement with your MD. Many times a medication adjustment can help with the over-eating.

      Since you are on medication and have depression, an over the counter supplement probably will not be that helpful.

      Hope this steers you in the right direction for assistance.

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