PerioQ: Topical Gel with Coenzyme Q10

smile_pic.gifPeriodontal disease is actually the most widespread disease in the world! And despite significant advances in dental care, it is constantly increasing: over 80% of the adult population have some form of Periodontal Disease.Today, we are on the verge of one of the greatest breakthroughs in dental care.A newly developed product concept offers relief to millions of sufferers from the ravaging effects of Periodontal Disease. opening an exciting new path for dental treatment. Could this new product concept be the “magic bullet” that dentists and patients alike have been waiting for?PerioQ is a potent preparation of absorption-enhanced Coenzyme Q10, and essential building block of living human cells. Recently, dental researchers discovered that Coenzyme Q10 applied directly on inflamed gums eliminates symptoms of gum disease such as bleeding and swollen gums much more rapidly and dramatically enhances the healing process. The result; virtually overnight, gums look fuller and healthier after only a few applications.PerioQ is simple to use:1. Brush and floss thoroughly. Remember to brush your tongue2. Apply PerioQ with the enclosed applicator3. Watch gum irritation and bleeding disappear. Gums will look and feel strongerPerioQ:• Promotes healing• Reconditions gum tissue• Reduces inflammation and bleeding• Inhibits bacterial growth• Modifies immune response to protect gums from future attacks14 day supply is only $45.95 – available here